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#Vegankids theme 4th Spetember 2014

I thought we would try something a little bit different for this #veganrecipehour and I’m pleased to say that I think it worked it worked out well.

We forget that its not only adults that eat a #vegan diet, its Children too.  Maybe you have been Vegan from an early age and have brought your Kids up that way so its a natural progression. Maybe you have chosen to change your diet/lifestyle and now your whole family eat a different diet. Or, you need some help and advice on how to go about making vegan food appeal to your Kids as they are use to something different.

I know I personally fancied trying most of he things suggested during #veganrecipehour!

Many thanks to @VeganGeezer for the many suggestions and ideas during #VRH. there are so many what I cant do the justice. I recommend that you take a look at the @veganrecipehour twitter feed to catch up with them all. Here are a few to whet your appetite!

‘Always keep fruit & veg on show for #vegankids snacks’ (photo)

an interesting thought:

‘A good tip is to get talking to teachers here & there, after a while ask what if a vegan diet was a religious requirement?’

Take a look at these photos of an amazing meal from @sankariOm The suggestion of letting Kids build their own middle eastern vegan lunch.

‘Green falafel, hummus, pitas, mutubal, eggplant/yogurt dip, fruity cous cous’

Sounds divine! Thank you for sharing!

How awesome do these Marinated #tempeh #kebabs look and sound? @apriltui says they are a big hit with her Kids.

Who says dinner time has to be serious? These Funny Broccoli plates from @Ephemerienne are great fun!  (translate) A nice Mac ‘n’ cheese recipe usually goes down well!. How about #sandwich inspiration? How exciting does Monster potatoes and chard in a swamp sound!? Just look at those photos! How cool is that!?!

You cant go far wrong with a #Pizza. Thank you to @Potatostrong for sharing this idea  and these Fat free potato chips sound pretty fab too!

This is something I also really enjoy ‘Breaded #tofu in a bun’. If you treat #tofu the right way, press it, drain and season well, its a total revelation. I adore the stuff! thank you @TansysKitchen for sharing.

Have a peek at this photo from @TheMoralMunch. Isnt that a dinner that kids would love? that colours and flavours…yum! Paprika Sweet Potato Wedges + Guacamole + Homemade BBQ Sauce. Wow!

@lilmissmeatfree‘s Niece’s love these #Pea and #courgette #fritters. I’m sure I would too!

Talking of gorgeous photos, this one from @Flavourphotos is fabulous! She says:

‘I like adding lots of ‘goodness’ to things that are treats, e.g. seeds, dried fruit, stewed apple’

This is a great selection of  tasty sounding Kiddie friendly dishes from @SentientChef ‘Creamy #cauliflower sause 5 ways‘ What a brilliant lot of variations for #pasta loving kids!

How about sweet snacks? @SentientChef shared this lovely recipe for #Banana & chocolate chip muffins. Thats yet another thing on my ‘To make’ list!!

Take a look at this beautiful suggestion from @livingfoodlove Honeydew melon and watermelon balls look amazing!

I adore the sound of these ‘Bliss balls’ from @apriltui . Check out this suggestion for #Raw #Lemon drops too. Yum! and a basic #icecream recipe has to be a hit!!

Nom….Nom…nom …nom! I know my tummy is rumbling, I’m off to make a peanutbutter sandwich to celebrate writing up this #blog post 😉 xx


#Indianfood theme Thursday 24th july 2014

I think this may have been the most hectic #veganrecipehour yet! It started off slowly and I thought ‘oh boy, no one is going to turn up’ How wrong was I!!?!

This is my spice tin. We get through loads of spices in our house and its always needing topping up!


So, so many amazing recipes! I have tried to gather them all together. Sorry if I have missed any. It’s a lot to sort through!

Lets kick things off with this mouth watering selection from the ever lovely @yogivegetarian. Firstly here is a tasty ‘Shahi #Tofu‘ dish which is also #glutenfree. And there’s more! ‘Matar Tofu‘ ‘Whole #mungdal with #coconut‘ ‘Aromatic #MungDal‘ ‘Flax Chapattis ‘#Wholegrain Khitchri‘ How about something sweet to follow? ‘Superchikki‘ #glutenfree or a ‘#Mango #kulfi‘ Yummy!!

Welcome once again to @GoodStuffSharon for these wonderful suggestions. ‘Baked red #onion #bhajis with #homemade #mango #chutney‘ and a beautiful looking ‘Creamy #Coconut #Dhal with #Butternut #Squash

Many thanks once again to @Ephemerienne for sharing with us such amazing recipes! (Google translate) Starting with a tasty ‘Chana Masala‘ ‘#Saag #tofu‘ ‘#Saag Aloo‘ ‘Mild vegetable #curry‘ ‘#Byriani‘ ‘#Cauliflower and #Aubergine #curry‘ ‘#Lentils #cauliflower #pumpkin #curry‘ and to finish the selection, how about ‘#mango #lassi‘ Wowee!

@emisgoodeating shared this recipe for ‘#onion #bhaji‘ Cant go wrong with those!

Once again we were lucky enough to have @RawVeganista sharing some of her amazing recipes. Here we have ‘#Raw #aubergine #curry‘ ‘#Raw vegan #korma and spicy #aubergine #curry‘ and a superb ‘#Raw #Butternut #squash #curry and #Parsnip and #hempseed herbed ‘#rice‘. i cant wait to try those!

Another Indian inspired rice dish was suggested by @SentientChef’ #Turmeric and #Mushroom #rice‘ sounds lovely doesn’t it! They also reminded us of the amazing products from @Hodmedods. This is a really lovely vegan friendly ‘#Dal‘ I personally adore their products!

This is a really nice and different suggestion from @TheFlexitarian ‘Indian-Spiced #Lentils with #Spinach and #Rhubarb‘ really interesting!

Now, I usually forget to actually add anything from my own #Blog! I luckily remembered this time and have a few #indianfood inspired recipes to share. @fullbelliesOAB Keema #curry‘  ‘Red #lentil #tomato and #cauliflower #curry‘  ‘Easy #coconut and #peanut #curry  ‘#Spinach and #coconut #curry’ ‘#Lentil and #Chickpea #curry with whole roast indian spiced #Cauliflower‘  and last but not least ‘#cauliflower #pakoras‘ These are all 100% gorgeous! But,I’m Biased! Hehe!

Welcome once again to @Veggiesoup4thesoul and thank you for these lovely suggestions: a lovely ‘#naan bread‘ recipe. Thank you for also suggesting  Madhur Jaffrey’s ‘#Aduki #Bean #curry‘ Many thanks also for sharing this great review of the  @titbits_uk Cook book. Featuring amongst other gorgeous recipes, a wonderful Goan curry with tofu & pineapple’ fabulousness!

It was great to see @Potatostrong back at #veganrecipehour! They shared this lovely recipe for ‘Super Quick and Easy No Fry Chick Pea Curry on Basmati Rice‘ Very nice!

We have a couple of other great ‘#Naan bread‘ recipes from @PaulYoud or a lovely #Spicy fruit naan. Thank you!

There are even more #indianfood tweets from the night but, I wouldn’t want to make your tummy rumble tooooo much ;o)

#fennel theme 15th May 2014

Hello Lovelies!

Welcome to another ’round up’ from #veganrecipehour! Our theme on 15th May was #fennel! This included both the bulb and seeds. One of the issues that arose on the night was that many people felt they should be using this sweet, flavoursome aromatic veg a bit more! Lets hope we can inspire!

I personally didn’t like #fennel for many years. Or at least didn’t think I did! But, I stand by my belief that, one can usually find a cooking (or not=eat raw!) method that agrees with our taste buds! Its just a matter of finding out how YOU like to eat it! I found that I prefer fennel (bulb) wither griddled and cooked quickly so that it caramelizes and goes sweet and yummy! Or, slow cooked in a #Tagine is so yummy!. I Love to throw the seeds into a #cabbage/#kale and #leek stirfry or into Veggie soups. For me, it gives it that tasty ‘lift’. I also really enjoy a #fennel #tea. Here is a DIY guide!

Image#Fennel Foeniculum vulgare is actually part of the #celery family and is a hardy perennial Herb. It is used in the famous drink #Absinthe. #Fennel is frequently used as a breath freshener, after dinner digestive and to treat flatulence!

#Fennel is very low in calories its pretty high in #fibre and has no #cholesterol! Its also #heart friendly! Providing helpful levels of the electrolyte potassium. Helps combat High blood pressure!

So, lets press on with these wonderful recipe suggestions!

Thank you once again to the wonderful @ephemerienne for these lovely ideas! ‘#Tomato and #fennel #soup‘, ‘ #Fennel and #Pear #Salad‘, and ‘#tofu Babette’, thank you! 

Some amazing recipes were suggested by @SasonalShaheen. This one sound so tasty! ‘Fennel and #blackolive #risotto‘ Another Risotto recipe suggestion came in from @Theflexitarian. This one is a bit different as it uses #Quinoa. It has none Vegan ingredients but these can very easily be substituted. It seemed a shame not to share such an interesting idea!

How about this recipe idea? ‘Bulgur wheat salad with fennel, sweetcorn and apple’ as suggested by @Vegsoup4thesoul. What an amazing blend of flavours!

An absolultely fabulous suggestion was shared by @elenabedfordfennel & brown rice sushi’ That looks and sounds sooo nice!

Check out this #blog entry from @VeganChatRoom. Its all about their trip to the @WildebeestCafe in #Falmouth Featuring a ‘#Chestnut, #fennel #Tarragon #Ravioli’ Wow!

How about an amazingly hearty sounding suggestion of ‘Chard and Fennel with Blackeyed beans from @SeasonalShaheen?!

Fancy a bit of #couscous? This ‘Garlicky #sausage and #potato with #fennel#’ recipe will hit the spot! Or a lovely ‘#fennel and #chickpea #tagine‘ From @fullbelliesOAB.

These are simply superb! ‘#fennel and #seitan Dogs‘ From @veganYackAttack via @veganfoodchat.

You can catch up with more amazing suggestions and chat on twitter if you search #veganrecipehour or follow us @veganrecipehour.

Lets round it off this week with some fab quotes from the night…Happy #fennel eating all!

@VeganDiaries #Fennel :my favorite is to sauté it with black greek olives, simple!’

@SeasonalShaheen I tend to enjoy #Fennel fresh, thinly sliced in salads, but I do cook with it sometimes.’

@TheFlexitarian love #fennel raw just sliced in salad. Also lovely roasted with olives & tomatoes (a la Provencale)..’

@LeicVeggie Not a recipe per say but I love pizza topped w/roasted fennel & onion, kalamata olives, tomato sauce & portobello shrooms’

@vegsoup4thesoul Top tip for preparing fennel to roast. Hollow out with an apple corer, trim base flat so it stands up, add white wine!’

@vegsoup4thesoul Flavour-wise #fennel goes beautifully roast alongside carrots & parsnips :)’

@vegsoup4thesoul Fresh #fennel is lovely in coleslaws & in a simple salad w watercress & thinly sliced oranges (little hemp oil to dress)’

@M0nsterG1rl Thinly sliced fennel&apple, covered in fresh lemon juice & a sprinkling of salt.Can’t get enough of it-super fresh&juicy!’

#rhubarb theme 8th may 2014

Welcome to the #veganrecipehour round up! The theme for Thursday 8th May was #Rhubarb. It was really interesting reading how we all use it and quite often, wished we used it more! We are smack bang in season so, what better way to celebrate than eating it!

ImageA little bit about Rhubarb... It turns out that Rhubarb or Rheum rhabarbarum,has quite a history. Earliest records date back to China in 2700 BC where it was primarily grown for its medicinal qualities. It has (although I have never used it) the nickname ‘Pie Plant’ because it is so popular as a pie filling. A man called Ben Franklin is accredited with bringing the seeds to North American east coast in 1772.

Why should I be eating it? Rhubarb is hight in dietary #fibre, #calcium, Vitamin K, zinc and magnesium to name a few! Find out 20 more benefits here!  Thank you to @VeganDisco for sharing this live photo!

Lets have a look at some recipes that were shared on the night.

One really popular choice was a traditional #rhubarbcrumble take a look at this recipe from @jfitz45 Lovely hey!? Thank you to @wrapedinpaper for this #crumble recipe. Plus some lovely photos!

@DeanFarmTrust were telling us about making rhubarb cordial. They advised us to ‘Simmer rhubarb and little sugar, strain. Serve with fizzy water‘ Definately giving that a go! A similar idea came in from @elenabedford who told us about making ‘#rhubarb #juice’. Their advice is to ‘Simmer rhubarb, water and ginger until rhubarb is soft, strain, chill and serve! @VeganDisco told us about having rhubarb cooked in #yorkshirepudding, sprinkled with sugar for desert! It actually sounds rather tasty! Kinda like a thick pancake..This will have to be tried!

Thank you to @theflexitarian for sharing this lovely recipe for ‘rhubarb fool #chia pudding’ ooh! @theflexitarian shared this tasty sounding idea ‘Favourite combo with rhubarb = banana, ginger, strawberry, cinnamon, saffron, vanilla. made a lovely rhubarb/ banana jam‘ Talking about #jam, here sis a lovely Rhubarb and #vanilla #jam recipe.

@slowcookeryclub shared a favourite #jam flavour blend ‘Summertime means strawberry-rhubarb cardamom jam. End of rhubarb season lines up w/beginning of strawberries here. Perfect!‘ Thats one I have not tried! (yet!)

Many thanks to @vegsoup4thesoul for sharing their recipe for ‘#roast rhubarb with #vanilla and #lemon’ tasty! Or how about  ‘rhubarb and #custard #icecream‘?! Dont mind if I do…

A big thank you to @veganFoodChat for sharing their recipe for ‘#lemon #berry #rhubarb #cupcakes’! Ooh very nice!

Lets not forget its also possible to cook savoury dishes!

Thank you to @veganneil for sharing this curry recipe I must try this! On a similar note is this recipe for ‘#indian spiced #lentils with #spinach and #rhubarb’ Very interesting! Rhubarb #pickle?. Sounds like a tasty vegan Feast!

Please take a peek at twitter for more ideas and chat!

And of course, here is the best type of #Rhubarb…


#Asparagus theme Thursday 1st May 2014

Hello and welcome to another #veganrecipehour round up.

We had an awesome #asparagus theme on 1st May 2014. I have been totally convinced that I like #asparagus now and have already had it a couple of times in the last week!

So, what is so impressive about that spear shaped vegetable?


It seems the Mighty Asparagus officinalis is very good for you indeed. Asparagus is whats known as a Perennial (meaning the plant lives for more than two years. Its image has been recorded as far back as 3000BC by the Egyptians! It is low in calories and sodium and is made up of around 93% water. Importantly it is a great source of B6. It makes up around 7% of a of a 100g portion. As well as Vitamins C,E, folic acid, calcium, iron and magnesium to mention a few benefits! Thank you to @VeganStella for sharing this …informative article! Now we know! Hehee! But Asparagus also lends a helping hand to your urinary system, helping to kep your Kidneys in tip top health. (link)



Convinced? Lets take a look at some recipes then…

Many people seem to prefer #asparagus in its simplest form. This recipe shared by @CymruFigan showcasing the veg in a beautifully simple way, losing none of its amazing flavour! Or how about this lovely recipe for ‘Roasted Asparagus Salad with Chickpeas and Potatoes‘. @heavenlyskin told us that they enjoy it griddled with #garlic. Mmm tasty!

How about a #paella? Take a peek at this recipe from @theflexitarian. They also shared this idea for ‘aparagus #tofu scramble‘, as well as this gorgeous recipe for ‘Asparagus and new #potato salad in #caper #pesto dressing’ Yum! How about trying it in a soup? @lilmissmeatfree shared this delicious recipe for ‘Asparagus, pea and rosemary soup‘! @yogivegetarian shared this lovely recipe for ‘Asparagus tart‘ using a #gramflour eggless filling. Thank you to @JasmineTrinity for sharing her suggestion of an ‘Asparagus #pizza‘ Fab!

@JustinLaurenXO told us how they really like making a huge veggie roast w/ potato, onion, carrot, pepper, garlic, asparagus etc w olive oil and spices! Lovely idea! Thank you once again to the lovely @createagoodlife for sharing a favourite of theirs ‘Asparagus with #maple #tahini dressing‘ Wowee! Hope to try that soon! #glutenfree

We had some awesome suggestions from the lovely @seasonalshaheen. ‘Zesty Asparagus and #pinenuts‘ as well as ‘ Asparagus and #radish #pasta‘ Thank you for sharing!

Once again this is a shapshot of the amazing #vegan recipes that were shared on the night. Be sure also to have a look at @flavourphotos photographs that were shared! Amazing! You can find these and other tweets by clicking here and looking throught the tweets or searching under #veganrecipehour and/or #asparagus.

Remember everyone…..


Have fun!

#Tempeh theme 24th April 2014.

Hello again everyone!

We enjoyed another brilliant #veganrecipehour on 24th April 2014. The theme was #Tempeh.

‘What exactly is tempeh?’ I hear you ask! #Tempeh is traditionally made from ‘Fermented’ (yes! You heard it!) fermented #soya beans. It is Indonesian in origin and in my opinion tasted fabulous! There is a 16th Century booked called ‘Serat Centhini’ which refers to the making and eating of Tempeh. (1,2)

The Tempeh itself (lets stick with soya beans) Is made from hulled, cooked soya beans (with added vinegar) that are mixed with Rhizopus molds (the Tempeh starter) and then placed into a pouch (usually a sandwich bag) and then incubated for 24-48 hours at 28-33C degrees until the spores grow and coat the beans with white ‘mould’ (sometimes also grey parts due to impurites in the spores but still safe to eat!).

‘cooked Soya beans and their husks’

You then have brilliantly useful and versatile Tempeh cakes! This will keep in the fridge now for a few days or it can be frozen for future use.

We actually make it at home and have so far experiemted with soya bean. #Chickpea, mixed bean and adzuki bean varieties. My personal favourites are the traditional soya bean and the chickpea tempeh.

Look here for more information . This is pretty close to how we do it also. Take a look at @BRYNFISH and @VegSweetSimple‘s tweets on the 24th for useful tips and photos regarding their experiences of making #tempeh at home.



So, why should we eat it?  Ok, so if you read the nitty gritty of the process, I can totally understand why you might think ‘Urgh! That sounds rank!’ I thought that also! I even thought that as it came out of the bag! But, when I tasted it, I was hooked! It’s very versatile. We have had it in Chinese dishes, Indian, burgers, loaves, stirfrys…all sorts!

One serving of tempeh (100 grams) provides around 200 calories, 18.2 grams of protein (that’s even more protein per gram than tofu!), and 10% of the RDA of both calcium and iron. Tempeh is a naturally cholesterol-free food! (source) Talking of #tofu, here is a handy #tempeh V #tofu comparison.

Convinced enough to try? Here are a few recipe suggestions from the night:

Thank you to the wonderful @Ephememienne for some wonderful suggestions! Here we have ‘#Tempeh #sanwiches‘ without bread. ‘Coronation salad‘  One big success on the night was this recipe ‘Beet salad with tempeh‘ I am pleased to say @BRYNISH made this and tweeted the photo! 100% yummy!

ImageThis is a lovely recipe reccomenced by @sweetandsimple  ‘Blackened #Tempeh‘ A spicy coated tempeh recipe with Basil Pico de Gallo and Simple Guacamole in tacos. Lovely!

Thank you so much to @Glosvegangroup for joining us and even more for their brilliant suggestion of ‘Hot-sauce-glazed tempeh’ from Veganomicon fab!

Another lovely idea (and one which I cant wait to try) came from @jagrazi in the shape of ‘Cornmeal crusted Tempeh‘ Which they recommended serving with cashew cream sauce & mashed cauliflower! Sounds wonderful!

Thank you once again to @paulYoud for his suggestion of adding cubed #tempeh to his recipe for ‘Thai curry pie

How about having a go at making this lovely sounding ‘Tempeh with Apricots and Capers‘ Yum!

Oh boy, how about a ‘TLT sandwich!? Wow! Or check this out! ‘Balsamic maple glazed Tempeh‘ oh boy! Tempeh Burger anyone? ‘Sweet and sour red cabbage with apples and Tempeh‘ All absolutely gorgeous!!

I also like to marinade it overnight in a sealed box in a mixture of #BBQ sauce and a little #agave. I always like to blanch it first in a pan of water with some #soya sauce and a couple of #garlic cloves. it takes off the raw taste. (but that’s just my preference)

I’m sure you can see now that #tempeh is versatile and I hope you search some or make your own out and give it a go soon!

Thank you again!


References: (1,2) Tip about translations-I use google transplate to read blogs in other languages. This is particularly helpful on my phone.

#chickpea #gramflour theme 17th april 2014

Hello again all!

I hope that you are all well? How was the Bank Holiday? Are you now like me, not knowing what day it is? Heheee!

So, our last theme 17th April 2014 was a very popular one. Its a topic I had ‘on the list’ but, following a request by @lukeberman, I decided, ah, why not have it next! So, we had a #chickpea #gramflour theme.


I am a huge fan of both ingredients. Both are hugely versatile and even better, cheap!You can buy a 400g tin of chickpeas for around 40p and a big bag of gram flour for just over a pound.

Chickpeas are a brilliant addition to your diet #vegan or not. They are loaded with #fibre, low Gi, low fat, hight #protein and can help lower LDL Cholesterol! What’s not to love!? It also means many recipes are also #glutenfree and #soyafree.

Lets get started with the recipes!

@veganDisco was kind enough to share a favourite recipe for ‘#Sundal’ How gorgeous does that recipe sound? How about a #Pakora to go with it? Or another recipe idea from @seasonalshaheen for ‘Portobello Mushroom Haggis Pakoras with Curried Neep Chips’ Soundsrather tasty doesnt it!

@lilmissmeatfree likes is ‘fast and Spicy’, or so she says.. ‘15 minute chickpea and spinach curry’ Another curry option was suggested by @Potatostrong. This one is ‘Super Quick and Easy No Fry Chick Pea Curry on Basmati Rice’ Gorgeous!

This ‘chickpea, maple and Apricot Tagine‘ from @lilmissmeatfree is a tasty option. Another #tagine recipe from @FullbelliesOAB is a rateher tasty ‘fennel and chickpea‘ combination. How about a yummy ‘Slow cooker North African Squash and Chickpea stew‘? Or a ‘chickpea and #Seitan tagine‘ from @paulYoud. This ‘Tangy Couscous‘ would go with them fantastically!  Thank you @theflexitarian!

This is really interesting: Did you know it is possible to use #gramflour as a handy #egg replacer? Via @vegan_hausfrau and @veganbaking

You cant go far wrong with #hummus! We regularly eat it in our house. It’s great to play around with different flavours. A great suggestion came in from @veganchatroom who told us that they ‘Made hummus using caramelised garlic and onion, we were out of lemon so used balsamic vinegar instead’. Interesting idea hey!?

Here are some examples or recipe ideas: @ephemerienne suggested this recipe.  How about ‘#kale hummus’ or ‘Avocado hummus‘ As suggested by @theflexitarian. On a similar note, how about this #sandwich idea suggested by @jagrazi ‘Smashed #Chickpea & #Avocado Salad’ Yum! Ever thought of making a #chocolate Hummus? Check this out from @Ephemeriene

Another very popular option (and favourite of mine!) is #socca. Actually, we have having a socca flatbread with our dinner tonight! We are roasting some garlic and then mushing it up and mixing it in the batter. Yum!


How about making a #socca ‘omelette‘? yum! Thank you @PaulYoud. Here is another serving version suggested by @segmentedsarah1. Or how about this idea suggested by @VeganUpNorth ! How amazing do these ‘Wild garlic chickpea pancakes‘ from @seasonalshaheen look and sound?! Thank you to @veganStella for sharing this recipe for ‘Besan omelette‘ Yummy!

We haven’t even touched on #falafel yet! I personally take an easy approach! I mush up #chickpeas and mix with some cumin, coriander, fresh breadcrumbs, lemon, garlic. Form into patties and fry lightly until browned. I also like to add #sweetpotato or #butternutsquash sometimes. You can find loads of recipe suggestions on line. Many are made differently to the cheating way I do them some have baking powder, some deep fry, some have onion…..the options are endless!

Another top choice is to roast your #chickpeas. This is great for a sweet or savoury snack. Yet another thing I love to eat! (there isnt much I dont like to be honest..parsnips though..not a fan) here is a sweet idea from @greedyvegangirl ‘Cinnamon sugar roasted chickpeas’. I like to drain them, dry them and add salt and pepper or smoked paprika, herbs, anything I fancy on the day to be honest! Then bake on a tray until browned.


How about something completely different? Biscuits made with #gramflour! thank you @veganupnorth! ‘Double choc chip chickpea and almond’ Tasty! If you really want to max out with the sweetness, how about this recipe for ‘Kesar burfi‘ Sweet!

Hungry?! I bet!

Can you imagine how I feel after every #veganrecipehour? Hehe!

Thank you once again everyone. It was a great hour. Please check out the #twitter account for more recipes from the night. There were so many amazing ideas!


#vegansausages theme 3rd April 2014

Hello again all!

Welcome to another little round up of some recipes from #veganrecipehour. it was a another enjoyable night.

I have to admit to a little self indulgence with this theme! I’m a big fan of Vegan sausages and have recently started to make my own using this wonderful recipe. But, I have used Okara instead left over from making soya milk/tofu at home.


They come out looking like that and are VERY tasty! Have a go! Its worth it!

It was also clear that many of you have a soft spot for Linda McCartney sausages. I always have some of these in the freezer! I use them quite a lot for inexpensive dinners. Some examples are an ‘All day Breakfast fritatta‘, Roles into ‘meatballs’ in this ‘Kale and Chickpea stirfry‘ Or how about making your own vegetable sausages? try these ‘Summertime veggie sausages‘ Yum!

Better than this huh… ‘So what ingredients really go into your Hot Dog?’


Sometimes we all need a bit of comfort food dont we?! So, how about taking a look at this ‘Sausage and Bean Shepherds pie’ recipe from @veggiesandvegans Mouthwatering!

This recipe for ‘Two bean and leek sausages’ proved to be very popular. thank you to all who suggested it and thank you for creating it @Gourmetvegan ! Another recipe to make your own is from @Isachandra and PPK Simple Italian sausages‘ look awesome!

What about a ‘sausageroll’? Doesnt that have to contain meat?! NOPE! definately not! have a look at these tasty ideas! This one is from @yogivegetarian. It used TVP mince and Yellow mung beans.Very tasty! Another lovely idea came in from @paulyoud Who has created sausage rolls using bread dough. Lovely hey!

This recipe from @NiaChubba.amazing! .. ‘yeast free stuffed crust pizza’! created using ‘Dees Wholefood‘ sausages. this is also #glutenfree! Wow!

The great thing about having #vegansausages is that many traditionally none vegan recipes can be altered simply to become a veganised version. such as a Vegan ‘Toad in the hole‘ or this megga simple ‘sausage casserole’.

If you are currently making the transition to being Vegan or if you are incorporating more vegan food, it doesn’t mean you have to ‘loose’ your favourite meals. The vegan community is amazing and will always find a way!

Please have a look at the nights tweets for more ideas and shared recipes! I will leave you with this cartoon…it sums it up really!!Image

Yummy…….. :o/