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#Kohlrabi theme June 19th 2014

Kohlrabi! Ever heard of it?

I personally really like it and have been growing them for the last couple of years. They are however quite hard to get hold of it seems and some people don’t know what they are. So, if you see them for sale at a farmers market of at the supermarket (I also find they are sold in Oriental supermarkets) buy some and have a go at these recipes!

Image#Kohlrabi belongs to the #Brassica family and there are white and purple varieties. Did you know that Kohlrabi is also sometimes called ‘knol-khol’ or ‘German Turnip’? #Kohlrabi also has a mega amount of vitamin-C! 62 mg per 100g! that is about 102% of RDA. Wow!

Lets have a look at some recipe ideas.

A nice and simple but really tasty ‘#roasted #kohlrabi‘ is a great way to start. How about giving these ‘Baked #kohlrabi homefrys‘ a shot. Or fancy trying a ‘#kohlrabi #puree‘? Lovely! Another lovely idea is ‘#chilli dusted #kohlrabi #fries’. Tasty! Fancy gping #raw? Im definitely going to be trying some ‘#rawvegan #kohlarbi #fries‘ soon! For a more warming dish, why not try this lovely ‘#kohlrabi #soup

This ‘#kohlrabi and #cabbage #salad with #maple #lemon #dressing’ sounds awesome! Or a ‘#kale and #kohlrabi #salad‘  How about giving ‘#curried red #lenil #kohlrabi and #couscous #salad‘ a try? With a gorgeous ‘#kohlrabi #slaw with #dill

Check out the really interesting ‘#pickles #kohlrabi’ recipe on this link.

Thank you to @VewganChatRoom for suggesting some tasty recipes.

Kohlrabi Fries with Vegan Cheese Sauce‘ That sounds sooo yummy! How about another tasty sounding #soup? this time its ‘Kohlrabi and Carrot Soup‘ Lets round off with this uber yummy ‘Vegan #kohlrabi hashbrown skillet‘ I wouldn’t say no!

How are your #veganising skills?  This recipe for ‘#Kohlrabi #remoulade‘ can easily be made #vegan. Thanks @vegsoup4thesoul. This recipe can also be (It works honest!) #veganised by leaving out the egg and replacing the meat for #soyamince and using your favourite #vegan alternatives. ‘German style stuffed #kohlrabi’ . ‘Veganising’ is usually possible with a few changes and replacements here and there. I personally find most things work just fine! So, don’t throw away those old none #vegan cook books, just use your imagination and be confident! After all, if you like all of the ingredients, chances are, you will like the end result!

This is a lovely article with some great recipes as a bonus!

Thank you so much for this Brilliant #kohlrabi recipe ideas roundup from @vegan_hausfrau! Amazing!

Here are some #kohlrabi growing in my #vegpatch at home. The slugs and snails seem to like them!! These are purple ones. I grew white ones last year. Image

So, if you didnt know what to do with the strange veggie… you do now!

Happy cooking and ..eating!


#Asparagus theme Thursday 1st May 2014

Hello and welcome to another #veganrecipehour round up.

We had an awesome #asparagus theme on 1st May 2014. I have been totally convinced that I like #asparagus now and have already had it a couple of times in the last week!

So, what is so impressive about that spear shaped vegetable?


It seems the Mighty Asparagus officinalis is very good for you indeed. Asparagus is whats known as a Perennial (meaning the plant lives for more than two years. Its image has been recorded as far back as 3000BC by the Egyptians! It is low in calories and sodium and is made up of around 93% water. Importantly it is a great source of B6. It makes up around 7% of a of a 100g portion. As well as Vitamins C,E, folic acid, calcium, iron and magnesium to mention a few benefits! Thank you to @VeganStella for sharing this …informative article! Now we know! Hehee! But Asparagus also lends a helping hand to your urinary system, helping to kep your Kidneys in tip top health. (link)



Convinced? Lets take a look at some recipes then…

Many people seem to prefer #asparagus in its simplest form. This recipe shared by @CymruFigan showcasing the veg in a beautifully simple way, losing none of its amazing flavour! Or how about this lovely recipe for ‘Roasted Asparagus Salad with Chickpeas and Potatoes‘. @heavenlyskin told us that they enjoy it griddled with #garlic. Mmm tasty!

How about a #paella? Take a peek at this recipe from @theflexitarian. They also shared this idea for ‘aparagus #tofu scramble‘, as well as this gorgeous recipe for ‘Asparagus and new #potato salad in #caper #pesto dressing’ Yum! How about trying it in a soup? @lilmissmeatfree shared this delicious recipe for ‘Asparagus, pea and rosemary soup‘! @yogivegetarian shared this lovely recipe for ‘Asparagus tart‘ using a #gramflour eggless filling. Thank you to @JasmineTrinity for sharing her suggestion of an ‘Asparagus #pizza‘ Fab!

@JustinLaurenXO told us how they really like making a huge veggie roast w/ potato, onion, carrot, pepper, garlic, asparagus etc w olive oil and spices! Lovely idea! Thank you once again to the lovely @createagoodlife for sharing a favourite of theirs ‘Asparagus with #maple #tahini dressing‘ Wowee! Hope to try that soon! #glutenfree

We had some awesome suggestions from the lovely @seasonalshaheen. ‘Zesty Asparagus and #pinenuts‘ as well as ‘ Asparagus and #radish #pasta‘ Thank you for sharing!

Once again this is a shapshot of the amazing #vegan recipes that were shared on the night. Be sure also to have a look at @flavourphotos photographs that were shared! Amazing! You can find these and other tweets by clicking here and looking throught the tweets or searching under #veganrecipehour and/or #asparagus.

Remember everyone…..


Have fun!

#Tempeh theme 24th April 2014.

Hello again everyone!

We enjoyed another brilliant #veganrecipehour on 24th April 2014. The theme was #Tempeh.

‘What exactly is tempeh?’ I hear you ask! #Tempeh is traditionally made from ‘Fermented’ (yes! You heard it!) fermented #soya beans. It is Indonesian in origin and in my opinion tasted fabulous! There is a 16th Century booked called ‘Serat Centhini’ which refers to the making and eating of Tempeh. (1,2)

The Tempeh itself (lets stick with soya beans) Is made from hulled, cooked soya beans (with added vinegar) that are mixed with Rhizopus molds (the Tempeh starter) and then placed into a pouch (usually a sandwich bag) and then incubated for 24-48 hours at 28-33C degrees until the spores grow and coat the beans with white ‘mould’ (sometimes also grey parts due to impurites in the spores but still safe to eat!).

‘cooked Soya beans and their husks’

You then have brilliantly useful and versatile Tempeh cakes! This will keep in the fridge now for a few days or it can be frozen for future use.

We actually make it at home and have so far experiemted with soya bean. #Chickpea, mixed bean and adzuki bean varieties. My personal favourites are the traditional soya bean and the chickpea tempeh.

Look here for more information . This is pretty close to how we do it also. Take a look at @BRYNFISH and @VegSweetSimple‘s tweets on the 24th for useful tips and photos regarding their experiences of making #tempeh at home.



So, why should we eat it?  Ok, so if you read the nitty gritty of the process, I can totally understand why you might think ‘Urgh! That sounds rank!’ I thought that also! I even thought that as it came out of the bag! But, when I tasted it, I was hooked! It’s very versatile. We have had it in Chinese dishes, Indian, burgers, loaves, stirfrys…all sorts!

One serving of tempeh (100 grams) provides around 200 calories, 18.2 grams of protein (that’s even more protein per gram than tofu!), and 10% of the RDA of both calcium and iron. Tempeh is a naturally cholesterol-free food! (source) Talking of #tofu, here is a handy #tempeh V #tofu comparison.

Convinced enough to try? Here are a few recipe suggestions from the night:

Thank you to the wonderful @Ephememienne for some wonderful suggestions! Here we have ‘#Tempeh #sanwiches‘ without bread. ‘Coronation salad‘  One big success on the night was this recipe ‘Beet salad with tempeh‘ I am pleased to say @BRYNISH made this and tweeted the photo! 100% yummy!

ImageThis is a lovely recipe reccomenced by @sweetandsimple  ‘Blackened #Tempeh‘ A spicy coated tempeh recipe with Basil Pico de Gallo and Simple Guacamole in tacos. Lovely!

Thank you so much to @Glosvegangroup for joining us and even more for their brilliant suggestion of ‘Hot-sauce-glazed tempeh’ from Veganomicon fab!

Another lovely idea (and one which I cant wait to try) came from @jagrazi in the shape of ‘Cornmeal crusted Tempeh‘ Which they recommended serving with cashew cream sauce & mashed cauliflower! Sounds wonderful!

Thank you once again to @paulYoud for his suggestion of adding cubed #tempeh to his recipe for ‘Thai curry pie

How about having a go at making this lovely sounding ‘Tempeh with Apricots and Capers‘ Yum!

Oh boy, how about a ‘TLT sandwich!? Wow! Or check this out! ‘Balsamic maple glazed Tempeh‘ oh boy! Tempeh Burger anyone? ‘Sweet and sour red cabbage with apples and Tempeh‘ All absolutely gorgeous!!

I also like to marinade it overnight in a sealed box in a mixture of #BBQ sauce and a little #agave. I always like to blanch it first in a pan of water with some #soya sauce and a couple of #garlic cloves. it takes off the raw taste. (but that’s just my preference)

I’m sure you can see now that #tempeh is versatile and I hope you search some or make your own out and give it a go soon!

Thank you again!


References: (1,2) Tip about translations-I use google transplate to read blogs in other languages. This is particularly helpful on my phone.

#aubergine #eggplant theme 20th March 2014

Thursday 20th March #veganrecipehour theme was all about the #aubergine.
It seems that people have mixed feelings about this beautiful shiny purple veggie.
I personally have mixed feelings! I do like and enjoy eating them though. It is true that the texture can be a little but challenging. Undercooked, it can ‘squeek’ on the teeth and overcooked, it can be a little on the slimy side. I believe with all veg, even the things we don’t like, if we try them enough and in different recipes then eventually we will find a way to enjoy them! I enjoy roasting them in herbs and spices, chopped into cubes with slices of onion and either potato/sweet potato cubes or chickpeas.
I’ve got my #aubergine ready and i am raring to go!

So, Do you call it Aubergine or Eggplant? This is an really interesting article which is worth a read!
What’s even more interesting is this list of 208 eggplant varieties! Who knew!
I love this little picture for information about Aubergines.


Thank you to @rawVeganista for pointing us in the direction of this information about #aubergines
so, now we know why we should be eating it, lets discover more about how to eat it!

Two fabulous recipes came in from @lilmissmeatfree @ElenaManighetti who suggested two classic aubergine recipes  ‘Quick and healthy fake parmigiana‘ Suggested by @ElenaManighetti ‘Greek lentil mousakka‘ fabulous!

Some wonderful suggestions from @Ephemerienne (requires translation) Such as ‘Eggplant and cauliflower balti‘  ‘Aubergine slices‘  ‘Asian Tofu and Eggplant’  ‘Aubergine soup‘ thank you!

Thank you to @segmentedsarah1 for a tasty recipe suggestion. ‘aubergine no meat balls‘ that’s something I have never tried and will definitely be giving it a go!
@lilmissmeatfree suggested a stuffed aubergine recipe. ‘Spicy stuffed Aubergine with lemon tahini Couscous’ Gorgeous!

Thank you so much to @VeganDisco for suggesting this very yummy sounding ‘curry’! This is ‘Baingan Bhurta‘ (Roasted Eggplant) You cant really go far wrong with a big plate of that! Another curry idea came in from @KerryMacuska  ‘Raw Eggplant curry over parsnip rice’ Amazing! How about a nice Aubergine chutney to go with them?
@Jasminetrinity suggested a really attractive and yummy looking ‘Aubergine and Bean rolls’ recipe yum!
Eggplant bacon?’ yes, you heard it right! Thank you to @KerryMacuska for this intriguing recipe! (swap honey if you wish)
Chinese Aubergine‘ Seems like a great idea!  thank you @B-boheme!

Eggplant chips‘ Anyone tried them? No, me neither! I will be doing soon though!
Thank you @jagrazi!
Ever tried a #raw Aubergine?  check out thie blog post from @RawVeganista telling us all about it! I never thought raw Aubergine could look so appealing! Thank you!
Another tasty #raw recipe was suggested by @KerryMacuska ‘Eggplant “Tortilla” w/Guac and Mixed Veggies’ Very nice!

I hope you have found something you fancy trying! Remember you can find more suggestions and recipes by searching #veganrecipehour on #twitter!

To round up, here are a few quotes from the night,


‘@Veganbandb Berenjena frita is in all tapas bars, breaded fried aubergine, it’s vegan friendly and yummy with a drizzle of agave!

@myfridgie I don’t really cook with aubergine. I find the texture a bit odd :s But I have to admit Baba Ganoush is pretty great 🙂

‘@eating_veggie Anyone use aubergine as a thickener? Roast them up, remove the flesh, blend and add to your sauce, works a treat!

‘@ZoeAnderson Roast aubergine and chickpea stew fromand my homemade ratatouille in the slow cooker’ Yum!

#sweetpotato theme 6th march 2014


Thursday 6th March theme was #sweetpotato!

I personally adore them. It turns out that you guys are rather partial to them as well!
Lets start, as always, with the nutritional value of Sweet potatoes. This page is really useful!
Need any more convincing? Here are Nine reasons to eat them!!

This picture is fascinating! have you ever seen so much variety! I wish the shops stocked more of this funky veg!


Sweet potatoes are rather versatile and can be used in many different dishes. One of my favourite (and easy!) ways to have them is to cut them into wedges, coat in sweet chilli sauce, a few mustard seeds and snipped fresh rosemary. Bake them with a little oil in the oven until they are soft (and sticky!) yum yum!! I also love to use it to top a ‘shepherds pie’. Ever tried cooking (steaming in the microwave in a bowl covered in clingfilm) with half a lime? Them mush it up with chopped chilli and a dollop of mango Chutney? (Thank you Jamie Oliver!) You dont even have to peel it!
Its also superb as a jacket potato!

Lets have a loo at some of your wonderful recipe suggestions, how about this from @jasmineTrinity  Mac ‘n’ Cheese! How yummy and comforting does that look!
Thank you to @Vegandicso for suggesting this recipe!
Fancy a Pasta dish? This sounds very yummy! ‘Sweet potato Vegan Alfredo

Thank you to @CymruFigan for guiding us towards this link for sweet potato ideas.
I mentioned ‘Shepherds Pie’ earlier…here is a great link to a sweet potato topped one! Thank you @Eating_Veggie!
How about ‘Sweet potato, black bean and Chickpea Chilli!?’ from @TheFlexitarian.
Who also suggested ‘beetroot, Sweet potato, orange and Pistachio salad‘, ‘Jerusalem Artichoke, carot and sweet potato soup‘ or ‘sweet potato pancakes!’
How about a ‘sweet potato crisps!’ Suggested by @RawVeganista!
Or an amazing looking raw Sweet potato/courgette ‘pasta!? Yum!

@VeganDisco posted  a ‘sweet potato pudding‘  from ‘The Rasta Cookbook’ Thank you!
How about a lovely simply low sugar sweet potato pie recipe? Thanknyou to @ChubbaNia for suggesting this:…
;’@veganrecipehour blend 425g cooked sweet potato, 240ml milk, 100g maple syrup, 3 tbsp cornstarch. Pour into pie shell bake @ 180 for an hour’

Sounds superb doesn’t it!

Thank you everyone once again for taking part. it was great fun. Don’t forget you can also look back over tweets for each night to discover more hints, tips and fab recipes!

Just to round up, here are some ‘snippets’ from the night itself……


@VeganNeil Add chunks of #sweetpotato in a bean chilli for a lovely flavour contrast. Found this one in an airline meal years back’

‘@AmyLGD I had some lovely homemade Sweet potato chips & Veg for my tea SOO Easy to do! And YUMMY!

‏’@CoconutKitchens  Make own relish: Chopped onion+crushed chillies+Desiccated Coconut+ squeeze of lemon WITH boiled Sweet Potato’

@GoodStuffSharon I love sweet potato in savoury dishes, especially creamy curries & blended smooth in Thai spiced soups’

@yogivegetarian Hi Good to be back here again 🙂 Sweet potatoes rock! Try baked with hazelnut butter…’

‘@ZoeAnderson  Baked #sweetpotato with chopped fresh tomatoes and scallions topped with hot sauce. Heaven!

#veganrecipehour 30th january #Dumpdairy theme

Inspired by  a great suggestion by @lukeberman, we decided to go ahead with the theme of #dumpdairy.
It was a great chance to get that hashtag out there a bit more and support viva!
It was a rather busy hour and once again great fun.
Many fabulous recipes were suggested, fabulously illustrating the fact that you simply do not need Dairy products to have great food. It is possible to make what are traditionally dairy rich foods, out of Plant based ingredients! It shows the amazing creativity that vegans have.it really is impressive and something to be proud of. So…what’s your excuse not to #dumpdairy!?! Make the ethical choice today!

I am only including the recipes on the blog but please, catch up with the chat on twitter. Search through the tweets until you get to 30th January 2014. there you can follow conversations and pick up some great tips and advice.

Lets start with this  superbly hearty and warning looking dish from @grnknittinggal in the shape of a White bean pesto millet risotto. Yum!
How about taking a look at this gratain recipe from @veganVoxBlog
Creamy gorgeousness!
What about a quiche!? Is that possible still with a vegan diet? It sure is! Why not give this recipe from @GourmetVegan thats milk, cheese and eggs dumped!
Fancy a nice bowl of soup? This Creamy roasted root vegetable soup from @naturalfuelblog fits the   brief!  A fabulous choice for a cold winters day! @naturalfuelblog. Or a ‘creamy roast cauliflower and garlic’ soup from @fullbelliesOAB how about a ‘Chowder style bake‘!? No cream in sight!
This white sauce recipe was sugested by @VeganStella
This is really handy as well. Its all about how to make creamy rich sauces without the use of any dairy products. Thanks to @VeganChatRoom for the suggestion. Who also suggested this gorgous looking Baked nut cheese
Fussy Belly Green Beans with Cream Sauce recipe was suggested by @RebelWheelsNYC  It sounds really interesting!
Isa Chandra’s Mac and Shews (macaroni cheese) recipe is a great suggestion by @foodtoinclude Who also suggested this cheesecake recipe#. More ‘Cheese‘ information can be found courtesy of the Vegan Society.

That reminds me! Lets not forget the sweet stuff!!

Check out this totally amazing ‘lavender Mocha dream ice cream’ recipe from @lizzdelicious also a fabulous sounding Lavender earl grey iced late!
How scrumptious does this ‘kiwi and lime tarte‘ with crème Patisserie look! Phwoar! from @lilmissmeatfree
This Cookie Pie recipe from @vegsoc National Vegetarian Week was suggested by @flavourphotos who said: ‘It’s amazing!’ It most certainally looks it!
25 amazing vegan ice creams? Dont mind if I do!

To round things up, here are a few quotes from #veganrecipehour that you might find useful. Many many more can be found if you look through the tweets from the night. Thank you once again to every one who participated!

‘TheVeggieGreen ‏@TheVeggieGreen Jan 30
Fav with vegans everywhere is cheeze sauce made w/almond milk,nutritional yeast,flour,salt/pepper, try add miso = gorgeous #veganrecipehour
Favourited by TheVeggieGreen
SarahE ‏@segmentedsarah1 Jan 30 #veganrecipehour Isa Chandra’s “Tofu Mushroom Stroganoff, p130 Isa Does It, uses cashew cream and is so light & delicious. Top recipe!
Potato Strong ‏@PotatoStrong Jan 30
@veganrecipehour I make banana milk every morning with my cereal. Blend 1 banana and 1-2 cups of cold water – so creamy!
rhonda ‏@tikibgood Jan 30
@veganrecipehour strict vegan-the cruelty of the dairy industry is sad.make green smoothie -bananas- soy yoghurt- kale-almond milk-yum!!!
Raz & Daz ‏@RazzleDazzleIce Jan 30
@veganrecipehour Oh yes! Been a steep learning curve, but actually it’s quite easy when you understand. Koko milk is amazing #dumpdairy’